How do we obtain the skills Employers wish we had?



How do we obtain the skills Employers wish we had?

Want to know what college students seem to hate? Group Projects, 8am classes and speaking out in class. This isn’t something I’ve discovered through secondary resources or my own extensive research, rather, this is something I’ve observed on a daily basis. The bad news is that many of these dislikes and habits are beginning to take a huge toll on our professional development.

The fact is that one day soon, we will all more than likely have to get up for work before 8am (GASPS), collaborate with a team (oh no) and speak up to stand out. So why not start sharpening those skills? recently published an article that details the ways in which the academic behaviors of Millennial has been hurting their chances of impressing Employers. “Managers have an overall negative view of young workers, and point to their lack of soft skills regarding communication and interpersonal interactions, time management abilities and willingness to work as a team.”

Let’s change this and prove them wrong. The majority of us are well versed in the realm of Social Media, but we’re beginning to focus too much on the speed, not quality, of our communication. Challenge yourself to interact more face-to-face and for the love of all that is mighty, STEP away from your smartphone. Challenge yourself to be just as bold, as you would in your tweets, during your next interview. Employers want to know that you can help boost their social media marketing strategies or present to an e-board with confidence.

“Showing up is half the battle”, “The early bird gets the worm”…These quotes offer very valid points! Challenge yourself to make it on time to class and meetings. Doing this will tell co-workers that you respect their time and instill a sense of healthy urgency. You can’t get anything done unless you show up. Your college professor might not get on you but your employer wouldn’t hesitate in firing you for poor time management. Get in the habit now and it won’t be so difficult post-graduation.

Lastly, get used to group projects. There’s a reason they are so popular. You’ll have to work in a team in almost any job setting. Instead of assuming things won’t get done, start things off with a positive attitude and be dependable; your team will follow in your steps. Employers desire leaders who also know how to be productive within a diverse team.


How To Make The Most Of Your Winter (Or Summer) Break



Let’s face it; the hardest part about being in college is learning how to successfully manage your time. Months of non-stop hard work make it darn near impossible to get anything done over winter break ( or even summer break!). The question is, should we even have to be productive?

The answer is yes and no. One of the most important things that life will teach you is that taking breaks and knowing when to relax is just as important as getting things done.  Take your deserved breaks during the holi{day}s, but before and after get a few things done! The important thing to note is that taking more frequent breaks throughout more of your days is more important than taking one long break of non-stop non-productivity. During the semester, If you find yourself frustrated over something, take a 5 minute break…watch babies laugh on YouTube or read an inspirational quote…anything you need to give you the determination that you started with!

During long breaks from school, take the time to learn about something you haven’t gotten the chance to because of your class load. Once you’re in your major, read about your chosen field and career choices.’s occupational handbook, (, provides salary, work environment information, job outlook statistics and similar positions for hundreds of jobs.  This is valuable information you want to know when choosing a career path (more on this later!).

Read about the leaders in your field, the pioneers of innovation or the “rags to riches” stories. People like J.K Rowling, Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey all got their start from less than desirable backgrounds. Their amazing stories will inspire you to stay focused and reach your biggest accomplishments.

Follow your favorite leaders and companies on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get your daily dose of information and motivation!

Make yourself more marketable by brushing up on a second language. Take 20 minutes every day to study your conjugations, practice with friends/family members, etc. Look over notes or Power Points from your favorite class within your major. Remember that everything worth learning has to be learned in smaller increments over longer periods of time. Cramming may work for a test the next day, but wouldn’t you rather retain information specific to your future career?

Stay motivated and get learning, my friends, that way you can start the new year ready to tackle the semester with your best foot forward!Exercise your brain to learn more often and you’ll be thanking yourself later.