Digested Branded Content on the Web; how it’s changed and where it’s going


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Link: Digested Branded Content on the Web; how it’s changed and where it’s going

Oh the joys of finally being within your major! Once junior or senior year comes along, we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief since we actually enjoy and are able to relate to what we are learning! My internet marketing course has brought me to certain articles I feel are worth sharing…

Contently.com recently published an infographic that showcased just how much the good ol’ USofA is leisurely plugged in. The article explains the value in content marketing and why most consumers will enjoy the shift in marketing practices due to major changes in behavior and online consumption.

Some of the statistics are obvious; content needs to contain a visual in order to be more effective, while others are more surprising. For example, the fact that 70% of US consumers listen to the opinions in blog post and discussion forums literally made me gasp ( I know, I’m a bit dramatic).

Surprising or not, it was refreshing for me to see the evidence of a changing behaviors in the digital world that is shaping the way marketers look at consumers. Content marketing has insured that we the consumers, are the priority rather than the selling point.

Take a look at the infographic (it’s visually captivating AND extremely informative) and comment with your thoughts! Does any of this information surprise you?