10 Career Related things to do when it’s Freezing outside


It’s that time of the year folks! Time to brace ourselves for obligatory weather app screenshots and trending weather updates from every social network! While it is more than likely colder on the other side (hopefully you’re not thinking of Los Angeles) you probably want to avoid or limit your time outside. Here are a few productive ideas that’ll give your career a boost!

1. Get Carded…with a business card that is! Be the Networking King/Queen and always have your info ready on a card complete with your photo.

2. Follow the leader: On Twitter & Facebook, start following companies, organizations and notable figures in your chosen field.

3. Get Mentored: Schedule a coffee date with someone you know who snagged the internship you’ve been dying to know more about.

4. Clean up your Act: Double check your Facebook and Twitter to ensure that no inappropriate material has made it through.

5. Get Organized: Clean up anything! Your room, your computer, your planner,etc. Being organized means having clearer goals and objectives.

6. Use what you have: With your school’s Career Center, alumni can still utilize it, and gain valuable advice from the people who live and breath everything career.

7. Set-up your LinkedIn: It’s not just for Business Majors! Set up your professional page to learn about job opportunities and broaden your network.

8. Make an appointment: Through your network, find someone in a job position you can see yourself in and ask to job shadow them.

9. Find a job: Part time jobs can help you develop really important skills like customer service, multitasking and time management.

10. Motivate Someone: After gaining a mentor, use your success to motivate and mentor someone else (preferably a peer). Plus, a little bit of competition never hurt anyone!


Google’s “Here’s to 2013”: Happy New Year!


The holidays are the perfect time for Ad agencies to play with our heartstrings while encouraging laughter/tears (at the same time!) and instill hope and inspiration.

Google’s “Zeitgeist: Here’s to 2013” is definitely my favorite end of the year ad. The commercial addresses the one question we all secretly ask; What does the rest of the world Google? Complete with snaps of the most read about moments of 2013, Google reminds us of the American spirit that continues to strive and inspire after loss and love. They also highlight global trends, with a map that shows you what were the most searched terms in your exact area.

Coming up in second, Apple’s “Misunderstood” follows a humble family during the holiday season; frolicking in the snow, baking holiday cookies and sharing the seemingly precious family bonding moments…albeit one family member who can’t seem to keep his nose out of his iPhone. Completely identifiable right? As millennials, we all have that one family member who refuses to put their smart phone away during supper (or maybe even we’re the culprits). As emotionally driven Apple commercials usually go, the young man ends up surprising his family with a collection of intimate photos and videos that he has secretly been acquiring the whole time. With the giving holiday spirit in mind, Apple shows us just how they strive to bring value to every family by allowing every iPhone user the opportunity to share what matters the most when it’s most convenient. In this new technological age, It was great to be reminded of the fact that smartphones can do exactly what everyone seems to think they don’t…bring us closer together.